About Us

Meating is one of the first startups to enter the meat services market in Pakistan. Founded in 2020 by young entrepreneurs, Meating aims to provide safe and convenient qurbani services to our audience at market-beating rates to bring out a paradigm shift in the way we conduct qurbani.

We provide B2B services via both online and traditional platforms to enable customers to order in a single click.

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Meating conducts qurbani

Meat packaged and delivered to you

The Process

Hassle Free

We provide end-to-end qurbani services from animal selection to meat packaging and delivery

Top Quality Breed

All our animals are of fine and healthy breed

Measures for COVID-19

Our team will follow all SOPs to ensure a clean qurbani process

Hygienic Environment

Qurbani practices will be carried out in a clean environment

Express Delivery

Your order will be delivered as soon as the packaging completes and will be notified accordingly

Online Order

Place your order on the contact form below and we’ll contact you shortly for confirmation

Affordable Prices

We’re offering our services at market leading price points to serve you better

Shariah Compliant

All relevant shariah laws will be duly implemented at the time of qurbani

Safe Packaging

Meat will be properly packed before delivery to prevent contamination & rotting

Order Pickup

Meat collection from slaughterhouse is also possible

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